When a property has signs of plaster and/or damaged paint on areas above the ground wall with a maximum of under 1 meter, this is a sign that there is rising damp (dampness) in the affected area. The damage can be costly and cause depreciation to the home.

Rising damp may be caused by many different reasons that are instituted by the initial installation. It is important that the building of the house or structure is done with accredited architectures. Additionally, one needs to ensure the building materials used are fitted correctly with a sort of high quality.

SA Waterproofing offers the highest quality product recommended for construction and renovations​.

Our application involves a system to compensate the above. It is done to combat any further damp problems and provide a solution to rising damp issues. Our system is 100% effective that has been used by the industry. Additionally, our system comes with a warranty and is applied by our highly-trained staff.

The product is only available from approved contractors and should be done with experience, only whom have been trained in this field as if one neglects this, it can cause unnecessary costs and inconvenience to the owner.

Identify Rising Damp Issue

You can often identify rising damp without using any professional equipment, just looking at and touching your walls can often be enough. Typical signs that can identify rising damp include:

1. Tide Marks

One of the most common tell-tale signs are tide marks left on walls. Tide marks are caused by evaporation and salts from the ground. You will normally notice them anywhere up to a 1 metre above the skirting board.

If you do not notice tide marks, another very common tell tale sign is damp patches or staining.  Typically, these damp patches are yellowish or brownish in colour and similar to tide marks, you will notice them up to 1 metre above the skirting board.

2. Peeling Wall

Look out for wallpaper coming off or peeling from the wall. You will most likely notice it coming loose from the skirting board first with the corner of the wallpaper turned or curved up.

3. Decayed Skirting Boards

Salts in the form of white fluffy deposits in the plaster similar to the images above. These salts are washed out of your bricks and into your plaster leaving what can look like blistering patches on your walls.

4. Black Mould

If you see black mould appearing above your skirting board it is a clear sign that there is some form of dampness affecting the area, especially if you have no other evidence of black mould within the property and the black mould is localised from the skirting board to up to 1 metre above the skirting.


It is not uncommon to hear rising damp being misdiagnosed. Many individuals inexperienced with identifying rising damp issues may just assume that due to the usual tell-tale sign of a tide mark on the wall that you have a rising damp issue.

Before considering instructing any form of rising damp treatment consider the following:

  1. Do you have any faulty or leaking guttering that could lead to your damp issue? Is there vegetation growing out of the gutters?
  2. Do you have faulty of leaking plumbing?
  3. Have you had adamp proof installed within the property over the last 20 years?
  4. Is it a possible condensation problem?
  5. Do you have cracks in the stonework or brick work?
  6. Do you have damp staining on stonework particularly adjacent to pipes?
  7. Do you have defecting pointing?

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