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Rope Access

SA Waterproofing provides safe and efficient height access solutions for your commercial or industrial maintenance needs and window cleaning problems. We provide a quality service and our team is highly trained with the highest of knowledge and professionalism.

Rope access is connected efficiently resulting in limited interference in the surrounding areas and day-to-day operations.

Our service is of the highest of quality and safety, where our team goes through intensive training and all our sites have management who are inspecting the safety and quality.

We offer:

- A quality and safe access to high and impossible windows and areas.
- Window Cleaning
- High Access Cleaning
- Renovation and Construction
- Painting
- Waterproofing 
- Bird Proofing
- Silo Maintenance
- Rigging

What is Rope Access:

Rope access is a technique that allows certified professionals access to high-rise buildings and hard-to-reach areas, using a system of ropes, harnesses and specialized gear. Our professionals have the training and certifications which allows them to work at heights and in confined spaces, in a safe, quick and cost-effective way. 

Benefits of Rope Access:

1. Cost-effective 
Rope Access is generally cheaper than other access solutions such as scaffolding.

2. Efficiency
Work required using rope access is far more efficient compared to traditional methods. 

3. Safety 
Our team places a huge emphasis on safety due to our training, tools and professional management.