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Rising Damp

When a property has signs of plaster and damaged paint on areas above the ground wall with a maximum of under 1 meter, this is a sign that there is rising damp (dampness) in the affected area. The damage can be costly and cause depreciation to the home.

Rising damp may be caused by many different reasons that are instituted by the initial installation. It is important that the building of the house or structure is done with accredited architectures. Additionally, one needs to ensure the building materials used are fitted correctly with a sort of high quality.

SA Waterproofing offers the highest quality product recommended for construction and renovations‚Äč.

Our application involves a system to compensate the above. It is done to combat any further damp problems and provide a solution to rising damp issues. Our system is 100% effective that has been used by the industry. Additionally, our system comes with a warranty and is applied by our highly-trained staff.

The product is only available from approved contractors and should be done with experience, only whom have been trained in this field as if one neglects this, it can cause unnecessary costs and inconvenience to the owner.