SA Waterproofing officially launches it’s own Rope Access division – RopeTeam

///SA Waterproofing officially launches it’s own Rope Access division – RopeTeam

SA Waterproofing officially launches it’s own Rope Access division – RopeTeam

SA Waterproofing Launches RopeTeam.

  • 01.1998            SA Waterproofing launches rope access services

Long before RopeTeam had been envisaged,  SA Waterproofing – launches its own rope access services to the South African market, capturing the industry by consistently gaining client’s trust and loyalty.

  • 05.2017 RopeTeam is born

With decades of proven successes under our belt, RopeTeam separates from SA Waterproofing in order to focus our expertise on delivering rope access at scale. The market immediately responds to our cost effective offers, and RopeTeam becomes a prominent rope access provider.

  • 07.2018 RopeTeam continues to grow

Having completed several major projects of its own, RopeTeam has been solidified as a ‘household name’ within the construction industries, with many large players switching over to RopeTeam from ineffective market incumbents.

Accessing the inaccessible – RopeTeam

Rope access, which is using ropes and harnesses as an alternate means to access locations at height or difficult reaching areas, is not something that has seen widespread use in the construction industry for very long. Although themselves aren’t new technology, modern rope access as an industry itself is fairly new in South Africa.

Rope Access is a safe, cost effective, and efficient method of accessing difficult, elevated

Rope Access is a method used to provide a safe, cost effective, and efficient means of accessing difficult, elevated locations, including buildings, bridges, silos and signage for tasks related to maintenance and inspection. Workers are suspended by a series of ropes that are ordinarily associated with abseiling, mountain climbing and related extreme sports. To ensure the safety of Level 1 and Level 2 Rope Access technicians, Level 3 supervisors oversee all work activities and have the necessary skills to perform rescue techniques should the need arise.

South Africa welcomes RopeTeam, an innovative Rope Access firm with the aim of achieving safe and attractive high-rise building maintenance, using effective Rope Access techniques, with less interference to the day-to-day client operations.

It is quicker and more efficient to implement than scaffolding, with installation taking less than an hour. Designed to meet the client’s needs, RopeTeam enables projects to be flexibly scheduled, and provides an elegant service that causes less disruption in the workplace – a hassle free solution.

RopeTeam services two main sector in the Rope Access industry. First is the servicing of the industrial sector, which includes silo maintenance, rigging, structural repairs, bolting, welding, core drilling, reports and non-destructive testing, and, second, is the servicing of the commercial sector, which includes window cleaning, advertising, construction and renovation, waterproofing, anchoring, joint sealing and expansion joints, and structural repairs.

Elan Band, co-founder of RopeTeam: “safety is our top priority, and it is at the heart of everything we do. We not only meet but actually exceed every South African and international safety standard, and consequently have an excellent safety record that we are very proud of. We have a strong focus on safety and risk assessment and with experienced teams actively working in these environments, we have a practical knowledge and depth of understanding of the characteristics, hazards and legislative requirements needed to operate safely.”

RopeTeam uses an experienced and extensively trained workforce and pride themselves on being at the forefront of a growing industry. As such, they are committed to constant advancement of techniques and technical knowledge and consistently apply this as part of their continuous improvement processes.

RopeTeam’s core value is to give back. Beyond CSR, the development of South Africa, is the core mission of their company. RopeTeam are partnering up with Afrika Tikkun, where their aim is to provide a crucial skills training and development programs, to educate and skill young South African in the Rope Access industry.

Outside of the Rope Access industry, few businesses see Rope Access as one of their core activities. For this reason that RopeTeam understands that the best to support the firms that trust them with their business, is by delivering a service that is entirely hassle and worry free. In this way, the businesses that RopeTeam supports can get on with it, and do the great work they have set out to do without interruption or delay.

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